The Girl and the Mirror

Although I am an energy practitioner, I do not go around reading peoples’ energy. Occasionally however, it is so striking that it is difficult not to notice. Such was the case the other day…

I had come prepared to wait. Book in hand, I scanned the room and selected the couch where I would face the center of the room. There was a wall behind me, with enough room to walk between the couch and the wall. The open door was to my right. As I settled in to read, a young girl came through the door. I looked up as I heard her enter. She looked at me and smiled as she said “hello”. The smile was so genuine and so beautiful, that her eyes sparkled and her whole body seemed to participate in the smile. Even though I was several feet away, I could feel a lightness and happiness about her energy. She gathered the things she had come for and as she walked toward the door, looking straight ahead to the wall, I saw her energy abruptly shift into a heavy, almost self-loathing type of energy.  The beauty of her energy had vanished. The change was so extreme, I found it hard to focus on my reading – rather I was pondering what might have caused such a shift.  I thought that if I walked around the room for a bit, I might be able to return to my reading. It was then that I saw it; a full length mirror on the wall just before the door. That is what she was looking at when she was staring straight ahead. That is what caused her energy to shift. Apparently she was not pleased with the reflection. And as I reflected on the experience I became aware of how much our self opinion and judgment affect the energy that surrounds us and is noticed and felt by others even when they cannot articulate the feeling.

And so I am left with this lesson to share: Remember the importance of smiling at yourself when you look in the mirror. Remember to love what you see. Remember the beauty that is uniquely you!  When you reinforce love for yourself, others can’t help but notice how beautiful you are.

Love, peace and blessings,