Wellness and Life Coaching

Wellness Coaching/ Life Coaching

Wellness and Healing

We are born with innate healing abilities. Our natural state is that of balanced well-being. A holistic approach addresses all aspects of healing: mind, body, spirit and emotions. When healing occurs in any aspect, the impact is to the whole.

My approach to wellness coaching is unique in that I combine my skills and experience in life coaching, teaching, research, and energy work. Through education and guidance I will help you develop complementary practices that resonate with your personal beliefs, thereby maximizing your potential to heal. In addition, I have many personal connections for referrals with healers and other professionals representing various modalities and practices.

I continue to research current findings and freely share the latest information with my clients.

Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you move beyond your present limitations to create the life that you envision. Unlike counseling or advising, life coaching is about partnering with you on your journey to discover your core desires, authentic talents, unique qualities and life purpose. Life coaching helps you identify the blocks that keep you stuck in current patterns and helps you awaken your forgotten dreams and goals.